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Course Homework or Prework

Before you get started on this course, I recommend you do a bit of prep. It’s not compulsory of course, but it will help you get a huge amount more out of the content.

Please look at your last 30 trades, If you trade rarely, it can be 15, if you trade frequently, it could be 75. What we are seeking to do is pick out patterns.

Classify your trades into the following buckets:

Late Entry

Late Exit

Early Exit

Slow Scaling

Holding Losers

Holding Winners Too Long

Finally, are you engaging in excessive trading? Excessive simply means that you would make more money if you don’t trade.

We shall come back to this later in the course, so please keep notes; and maintain those notes as you go through the course.

The reading article below may also help tee you up for the course by thinking about what sort of person you are.

psychologistworld.com-Maximizers vs Satisficers Who Makes Better Decisions.pdf
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